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Company Profile

United Power Technology Group is a leading manufacturer of engine-driven power equipment in China. We design, develop, manufacture and sell an extensive range of generators, outdoor power equipment and components such as engines. Our major products comprise residential as well as commercial generators, which are currently delivered into more than 60 countries around the world.


Our key success factors



Business Strategy

We follow a twofold Business Strategy:

ODM business

■ Under the ODM strategy, products are usually developed and manufactured by United Power and branded by third parties

■ United Power started out as a contract manufacturer and has developed into a leading ODM business partner for leading OEMs, wholesalers and retailers

■ Cooperation with leading OEMs enables UP to quickly adopt advanced technological expertise

Own brand products

■ Own brand strategy in specific markets such as China, Canada, Africa (Nigeria, South Africa), Malaysia, Europe (Italy, Spain, Russia)

■ Competitive pricing